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What is Emsculpt An Amazing Machine?

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EMSculpt is the world's first and only technique to develop muscle and reduce fat mass in a non-invasive manner. 

Through a targeted combination of electromagnetic and radiofrequency energy, it builds muscle while reducing fat. It shapes, tones and defines the muscles of the body, making them appear tighter and more contoured, while also reducing fat in the treated area. 

One EMSCULPT treatment on the abdomen is equivalent to 30,000 push-ups or sit-ups. Clinical studies have shown a 30%reduction in fat and a25% increase in muscle tone/definition after 4 sessions of EMSCULPT.

EMSCULPT can help people achieve the aesthetic goals they've been working towards, even with a good diet and regular exercise. It can help you get that defined abdomen or lifted buttocks you've been craving.

His results have satisfied nearly 96% of his patients worldwide. His advantages also care for the following:

1) Boosts metabolism: boosts metabolism while triggering a complete remodeling of the system in the treated area. Not only does it help build muscle tissue, but clinical studies have found a fivefold increase in metabolic processes in patients treated with EMSculpt

2) Non-invasive: EMSculpt is a safe and completely non-invasive treatment, and it has emerged as one of the alternatives to body modification achieved through externally invasive surgery. In addition, patients do not need to worry about sutures or scars, as it only targets muscle tissue and not other layers of tissue.

3) Can help with injury recovery and prevention: EMSculpt can help patients recover from certain injuries by strengthening the muscle tissue. It can even be used in combination with physical therapy to help speed up recovery time. EMSculpt is also ideal for people who are unable to exercise vigorously after recovering from an injury but want to be in great shape.

4) But immediate results in time: Treatments usually last only half an hour, so patients can make appointments during their lunch break.4 The total program of treatments may be completed in two to several weeks; many patients begin to determine results immediately after the first treatment.

5) Zero recovery time: A major benefit of EMSculpt is that no recovery time is required after treatment. Patients can continue with their daily activities after each treatment. In addition, the patient does not need any prior preparation for the treatment.

Newangie, as a company with  10 years of manufacturing and exporting beauty devices. Triggered by the interests of our customers, we have been improving and refining the emsculpt series of machines to make them more relevant and meet the needs of our customers, so that the beauty centers and others we work with can gain higher benefits from them.


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