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The Most Effective Laser Hair Removal

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Most effective laser hair removal machine

Our BM13 laser hair removal machine with latest technology and enjoy great popularity in the market now due to its efficient result and own features:

  1. It is non-invasive and the treatment process is comfortable

  2. Energy directly acts on the hair follicle, reducing risk.

  3. You can make the hair removal 21-30 days one time and 5 to 6 times one sessions.

  4. It can reach a permanent hair removal result.

  5. You can use the sliding mode to make the treatment, it will be convenient

  6. You can adjust the energy and frequency on the touchscreen

  7. Also with different wave length for you, single wave length and three wave length, the single 808nm and three wave length of 755nm+808nm+1064nm


The 755nm wavelength: Acts on shallow hair

The 808nm wavelength: Acts on most of the hair

The 1064nm wavelength: Acts on deep hair

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laser hair removal machine

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