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The Best Hifu Machine

Type::Anti-wrinkle Machine
Certification: CE
Feature::Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
Treatment area: Eyes/ face/ neck/body
Standard cartridges:3.0mm, 4.5mm, 8.0mm
Selective buy cartridge:1.5mm,6.0mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm
Shot Number:15,000 shots/each cartridge
Functions: face lift, weight loss
Case material: ABS
Warranty: 3 years
  • FU4.5-3S
  • newangietech

The Best Hifu Machine

The Best Hifu Machine


1. It uses the latest advanced technology called HIFU, short for high intensity focused ultrasound.

2.2D HIFU machine can do11 lines per shot.

3.Each cartridge has10000 shots.

4.It hasseven different working cartridgesfor different operational areas:

-3.0mmis for the dermis layer;

-4.5mmis for the SMAS layer.

-6.0mm/8mm/10mm13mm/16mmfor body fat layer

5. It's totally non-invasive and safe.

6.The effect will be shown after the operation, while the best effect will be seen after two months. It can be lasted for 2-3 years.

The Best Hifu Machine

The Best Hifu Machine


1.Remove wrinkles on around forehead,eyes, mouth, etc..

2.Lifting and tightening both cheeks skin.*Improving jaw line, reducing "mario-nette lines".

3.Improving skin elasticity and shapingcontour.

4.Tightening the skin tissue on forehead,lifting the eyebrows lines.

5.Improving skin complexion, making theskin delicate and bright.

The Best Hifu Machine

The Best Hifu Machine


1.How long is the warranty of your machine?

 Three years warranty on host machine is given.

2.Do you provide the user manual or videos?

Yes,the user manual and videos will been sent to you. We also can face to face to help you if you have the instant messenger(WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook).

3.Do you have CE?

  Yes,of course.

4.Can we change our local language?

  Yes, We can free help you change the language according to your requirement

5.Can we put our logo?

Yes, We can help you make the free logo according to your requirements. (You need tell me when you place the order)

6.Do you have After-sale service?

Yes,we have. In production and after delivery, we will track on time and tell your goods situation.

We'll keep in touch anytime and will reply you at the first time if you have any questions.