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Sell professional equipment vacuum radio frequency body sculpting to lose weight Velashape Machine

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Fever master function: lipolytic plasticity, physical therapy, pain relief, anti-aging and firming


3 in 1 Velashape machine working principle:

It is the only one that combines vacuum + RF + EMS IR + red light + fat rotation on one machine. It uses a fat rotation probe and RF heating system to help peel broken fat cells from cellulite. The stripped cells will also be metabolized by the body to achieve the effect of body shaping and weight loss.


Fever master uses 448KHz cell balance therapy

It works at a frequency of 448KHz. This frequency is the most suitable frequency for cell exchange. It can open a large number of cell ion channels and truly move across the membrane to achieve cell repair, balance and health.

The operating frequency of 448KHz will produce three biological effects: non-thermal effects, warm thermal effects, and hyperthermal effects. These three effects can promote cell metabolism, enhance cell activity, promote blood flow and circulation, and improve tissue and cell oxygenation.


The fever master uses 448KHZ+20K modulated wave to treat visceral fat in RET deep treatment, penetrates 12 cm under the skin directly to the three major fascial layers of shallow, medium and deep, two-way internal circulation, unblocked channels, clears dead cells toxins, waste and metabolites, and repairs damaged lesions. Cells, activate dormant cells and promote cell regeneration, improve pain, efflux and metabolize toxins simultaneously, 30 minutes for fascia permeable and healthy, component absorption increased by 5 times, metabolism increased by 3 times.


Business advantages:

-Colorful multimedia touch screen, control and display nursing operation.

-The grease spinning handle adopts a touch screen design, which is intuitive and easy to control.

-The design and the current used are in full compliance with the electrical safety standards of European countries. It is absolutely safe for the human body.

-Configure static recharge system SRS