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Professional Fat Treatment Face Lift Wrinkle Remover Cavitation Rf Machine for Home Use

Sculpsure body shaper works by heating the fat cells with a laser to a temperature that causes lipolysis, or fat cell death. The special applicators, which lay flat on the skin, heat the fat layer while simultaneously cooling the surface of the skin for patient comfort. Over a period of 6-12 weeks, the destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.
Cavitacion frequenvy:40KHZ for body ,1M HZ for face
Warranty:3 years for the machine and 6 months for the spare part
RF frequency:
  • CL2
  • Newangietech

Professional Fat Treatment Face Lift  Wrinkle Remover Cavitation Rf Machine for Home Use

rf machine

This is a versatile, hands-free, non-suction device featuring a flexible applicator system with a 1060nm diode laser that can treat multiple areas simultaneously. As well as the flanks and abdomen, the device is also being used to target fat on the upper arms, thighs and knees. The treatment does not require anaesthesia and requires no downtime.

rf machine rf machine rf machine

How the Sculplase treatment is performed?

*Before your procedure, the doctor will mark the target area(s) and take pre-procedure photos.
*In the procedure room, you will be positioned on a comfortable treatment table and the applicators will be placed on the target area(s).
*When the treatment begins, you will initially feel a cooling sensation, followed by intermittent waves of warmth.
*The warming sensation is an indication that the SculpSure laser is in the fat destruction mode.
*After the treatment is completed, you are free to return to work or home and resume normal activities.
*There is no post-procedure garment to wear. There is truly no downtime with this procedure.rf machine

1.Tighten the flabby skin 
2.Repair striate gravid arum,Cellulite treatment 
3.Eye:erase fine line,remove under-eye dark circle 
4.Slimming:face and body,lose weight 
5.Effectively cure the orange peel skin on buttock or thigh, solve the problem of the flabby 

abdominal skin after procreating or liposuction 
6.skin rejuvenation,stimulate the regeneration of collage,tighten skin 
7.Promote metabolism 
8.Improve blood circulation and Lymphatic Treatment 
9.Improve skin texture

rf machine