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Newangietech bioimpedance body composition analysis machine for health and weight loss

Item: Body composition analyzer
Test data: Body health more than 26 items
Feature 1: Touch screen easy operation
Feature 2: Multi frequency accurate analysis
Feature 3: Weight and height measurement
Application: GYM/Salon/Beauty center/Hospital

  • GS6.6
  • Newangietech

body composition analysis machine

Product: GS6.6 Body composition analysis machine

Newangietech new generation body composition analysis very hot selling now, popular in European and American countries for human health analyzer professional.

body composition analysis machine health analyzer

ical Parameters Test Method Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA)
Test Part bioelectrical impedance analysis on the part of left upper 
limb, right upper limb, trunk, left lower extremity, right lower extremity
Test Frequency Three differenct frequency(20KHZ, 50KHZ, 100KHZ)
Electrode Method 8 point contact eletrode
Computing method 
of body components
Do not estimate through empirical value
Rated current less than 180μA
Screen 320*240 STN LCD Touching Screen
Operation Language English and Multiple Language Option
Values Storage 50000×10 and SD Card unlimited expansion is available
External Storage SD Card tranfer to computer for large storage
External Interfaces RJ-45, USB2
Printer Interfaces USB
IC Card System standard IC card control
Printer A4 color paper ink-jet printer(manufacturers appoint the 
model), internally installed thermal printer
MEAS. Of Package 49CM*50CM*118CM (woodern case), GW: 40KG; NW:32KG.
Test time No more than 2 minutes

body composition analysis machine advantages

Human body composition analysis can detect various elements of human body and analysis human health status, which applies the accurate measurement of AVR micro computer controller, bases on new statistics method DXA, analyze human elements: fat, weight, BMI, non-fat and other health indicators through multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis scientific basis for losing weight effectively, which is considered as an epoch-making results of the health industry. It is healthy for each test, thus develop new treatments analysis of health data to lose weight. It can help people evaluate their body stateaccurately. It has the functions of human body elements analysis, muscle and fat analysis, obesity analysis and healthy assessment.

body composition analysis machine operation processbody composition analysis machine report

New body composition analysis machine touch screen easy use for whole body analyzer.

1.Using principles of human biotechnology.

2. 8 Point -electrode contact: There are two parts of each electrode used to measure the human body's elements and also to be used to measure the elements in various parts of the body's resistance value in accurately.

3.Use of multiple regression analysis of the frequency and increase the scope of testing to enhance accuracy.

4. Implementation of intelligent control, touch-operation; visualization application interface, allowing users to learn easy, safe and easy to operate.

5.Can store up to 120 complete historical records.

6. The structure of a clear, easy to install and easy to maintain.

7.The results of the analysis in order to be able to approach the output statements to clients.

body composition analysis machine in stock now

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