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New arrival body composition analyzer for sale

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Body composition analyzer

Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to health has become a trend. I want to introduce one of the best selling machines:GS6.7. This is our bese-selling product body composition analyzer.

This body composition analyzer uses the latest CE Cleared multi-frequency(25HZ,50HZ,100HZ)bioelectrical impedance.Body comoposition analyzer can help you confirm your physical condition at any time. This body composition analyzer is suitable for many places like beauty salon, food center, hospital, senior center, pharmacy, gym and so on.what's more, body composition analyzer is professional ,it can totally 25 values of body composition analysis with height measurement.With this body composition analyzer, the entire human elements, including BMI, body fat, muscle, bones, inorganic salts, protein, can be measured very accurately. With this body composition analyzer ,measuring the whole body no more than 20 seconds .This body composition analyzer is easy and convenient to install and use. It has only two lines, one for the printer and the other for theinstrument.The positive data is the detected body report, and the negative content is based on the reasonableness of the report.

The biggest advantage of this body composition analyzer is that it can be connected to mobile phone WIFI. you don't need to print,just need scan the QR code and you can know your body report directly.

body composition analyzer

body composition analyzer

body composition analyzer

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