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Laser Diode Application

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For a long time, too much body hair has been plaguing people's lives, especially for women who love beauty, and it has a heavy psychological burden, which seriously affects people's normal life and physical and mental health.


Traditional medical methods simply cannot solve this problem. With the advancement of science and technology, especially the development of laser medicine and the popularization of laser medicine in the fields of medical beauty and life beauty, it is now a reality to use laser technology to remove excess hair from people's body surface.

Diode laser hair removal is currently the best permanent hair removal method, advanced technology, good energy intensity and high safety. Many high-end beauty salons are investing in laser hair removal beauty projects. Among them, diode laser hair removal equipment is currently leading in laser hair removal technology and has absolute market competitive advantage.

Laser hair removal technology selects the appropriate wavelength according to the principle of selective photothermodynamics to achieve the best hair removal effect. We currently have single- and three-band diode laser hair removal machines to choose from, and customers can choose to purchase the corresponding products according to their customer base and their skin color.

The diode laser hair removal speed is fast and painless, the process is simple and fast, and it can be easily treated without anesthesia. The laser does not damage the skin, so there is no need to do any treatment. Some patients may have temporary redness or swelling during treatment, or even mild itching. After a few hours of treatment, the redness and swelling subside and the skin returns to normal, which does not affect normal life and work.

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