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High Quality Professional 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for Sale

The BM107 is a type of semiconductor laser hair removal device. It adopts high-energy continuous semiconductor laser to realize the transformation of electricity, light and heat energy, and completes the treatment of diseases. It is a laser treatment product integrating laser technology, electronic technology, computer technology and medical technology.
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High Quality Professional 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for Sale

diode laser hair removal machine

The working principle of the epilator: the microprocessor controls the laser power supply to provide an adjustable constant current for the laser module. The high-power laser diode inside the laser module converts the electrical energy into light energy, and outputs a continuous laser with a wavelength of 808 nm. The laser beam passes through the light guide. The crystal is irradiated on the tissue to be depilated and passes through the surface layer of the skin to reach the hair follicle. The light energy is absorbed and converted into thermal energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, thereby causing the hair to fall off and losing the ability to regenerate, thereby achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.diode laser hair removal machine808 diode laser hair removal machine

Current size 15-50A

Energy density 1-140J/cm2

Frequency 1-10Hz

Pulse width 10-400ms / duty cycle 10% -40%

Window area 1.5*2.0

Cooling system Water-cooled, air-cooled, semiconductor refrigeration, active cooling

Operator Interface 10.4" TFT True Color LCD

diode laser hair removal machine808 diode laser hair removal machine

808 freezing point hair removal advantage

First, the use of 3.5L blow molding water tank to ensure no secondary pollution of water quality, explosion-proof and anti-freeze.

Second, the laser uses palladium imported from Germany and has a lifetime of 20 million.

Third, the hand tools use graded cooling, which can effectively guarantee the length of use. (Grade information will be sent to me)

Fourth, intelligent software control system, real-time monitoring of hand temperature, water flow.

Fifth, the water flow can reach 3L-5L per minute, effectively guaranteeing the service life of the laser.

Sixth, two sets of TEC air coolers are used to effectively ensure the full heat dissipation of the instrument.

Seventh, the appearance is small and elegant, the metal shell is beautiful.

Eighth, imported switching power supply, Taiwan Ming Wei power supply.

Ninth, the hand uses quartz crystal, a variety of spots can be selected (15 * 15, 15 * 20, 15 * 30, 15 * 40mm), the glass will crack, quartz will not crack.

Tenth, the filter system is easy to replace. There is no need to remove the casing. The length itself measures the PP material filter cotton. Better maintenance system operation.

The eleventh, 10-inch display.

Twelfth, each machine has an iron frame to protect the fuselage, which can protect the machine from external factors and will not be deformed.

Thirteenth, the low-voltage control high-voltage system will not cause casualties when the instrument is leaking or other faults.diode laser hair removal machinediode laser hair removal machinediode laser hair removal machine

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