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Hair Laser Removal Price

Technology:No channel laser hair removal machine cost Wavelength: 755nm 808nm 1064nm Cooling system: TEC Cooling Energy: 1-120J/cm2 Feature 1: Big spot Feature 2: Easy use touch screen Certification: CE Service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
  • BM104
  • Newangietech

Hair Laser Removal Price

Hair Laser Removal Price

Working Theory

BM104 laser hair removal machine is based on selective solar-thermal dynamics, through adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser through the skin to the hair root hair follicles, the heat energy is absorbed and break down the follicle tissue, making hair regeneration.The system of quick freezing point hair removal apply for refrigeration protection,It can make the temperature up to -5℃,It solves a lot difficulties.At the same time , it is safe, quick and permanent technology.


808nm, 755nm, 1064nm

Working frequency


Energy density


Handle piece cooling


TEC cooling


Spot size

15mm*15mm, 20mm*25mm, 25mm *31mm

Output power

600w, 900w, 1200w

Laser chips

Germany laser Jenoptik,150W/piece

Pulse width


Output mode

Pulse output


Standard English


8’ color touch screen

Protective temperature

55℃ interface select

Water pump

DP-60 diaphragm rods 12V

Flow sensor

3.5L/min flow requirement

Water level switch

Test water level

Cooling system

240×120cooling line(2pc),18 pcs channel

Cooling fan

4pcs fans,speed 3150r/min

Case material

ABS shell/metal shell

Inter structure

White zinc hob/color zinc hob

Water tank volume

vertical3.6L/table type 2.5L

Environmental moisture

< 80%

Environment temperature

Air conditioning room,temperature≤28℃



Hair Laser Removal Price

Skin cooling system before,during and after treatment provide skin cooling to protect the skin and reduce the initial temperature of the skin. This can reduce the discomfort of the patient. The most important is that without increase of side effects and pain, the treatment energy can be adjusted to higher, and the treatment will be faster and better.

Dense hairs (30-40 hairs per cm2) will produce a higher temperature because there is more melanin in them . Excessive heat of surrounding tissue is likely to cause tissue damage. Therefore, the greater the density of hair is, the lower the energy should be.

808 diode laser provides you with some default energy settings according to different areas and skin types. Pulse width is controlled automatically by program according to plenty of experiments and clinical trials.

1. What’s good for me? 

It’s simple to use. You select treatment area and skin type, and start from the default safe value. That’s it. 

2. Microchannel Cooling in Handpiece 

High heat flux removal is a major consideration in diode laser system, especially with such high power. Micro channel is naturally suitable for the task of high flux heat removal, as it provides a large heat transfer surface area per unit fluid flow volume.

3. What’s good for me? 

Laser bars are no longer easy to break. The handpiece is much durable. Optimal comfort during treatment is just an additional advantage. 

4. 808 isn’t simply looking good— it’s better inside. 

More powerful, but remarkably safe and comfortable. With the Thermal Electronic Cooling module and power supply that perfectly fits the German imported palladium bars. It’s one stable form where laser generator and cooling system function in perfect unison, creating a brand new experience of diode laser hair removal that’s better by any measure.

Hair Laser Removal Price

Hair Laser Removal Price

buy laser hair removal machine from factoryHair Laser Removal Price

Hair Laser Removal Price

Hair Laser Removal Price