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Emsculpt machine muscle gain fat loss 2 in 1 EMS+EMT muscle gain skin tightening body shaping sharpener

Technology: EMS+EMT
Function: increase muscle, reduce fat, raise buttocks
Certification: CE
Service: technical training + lifetime technical support
Use time:
  • EMS6-1
  • Newangietech

Muscle stimulator ems abs trainer machine Anti cellulite Fat Burner Weight Loss professional


Let radical new technology make you a marketleader.

-The latest double function (EMS+EMT) 2 in1 technology! ! !

-The effect is higher than 50% of ordinary emsculpt machine

-Free technical training, lifetime support,OEM/ODM,LOGO service

Factory direct sales! Buy now and get 20% off ! ! !

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Has the triple effect of muscle gain + fat loss + firming

7 Tesla's high intensity. It can cover the large skeletal muscles of the human body, and this high-energy lellwsmuslerrespands deeply transforms its internal structure.

Stronger stimulation. Double-layer Cail produces deeper and stronger high-strength electrodes

Air-cooled technology. Tesla Sculpt is equipped with Ai-oooled applicator, which can be used for a long time without any overheating problems.

Four magnetic stimulation applicators can solve all your problems-independently or simultaneously.

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