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Cet ret rf diathermy physiotherapy 4in1 448khz shockwave with tecar therapy

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Cet ret rf diathermy physiotherapy 4in1 448khz shockwave with tecar therapy


It is the only one that can do visceral fat. There are three working heads, CET is used for shallow fat, RET is used for deep fat, and the negative plate is used for body shaping. 448K is to adjust the proper frequency of ion activity inside and outside the cell, so that the positive and negative ion exchange of the cell is restored to normal, so the positive and negative charges of the cell are balanced, and the activity of the cell is enhanced. The machine caused a sensation as soon as it was promoted.


The first 45° constant temperature fever therapy is the only thermal health management system in the world that uses the fusion of bioelectricity and biothermal energy. The heat energy penetrates the human body system through the whole body, carries out the health management of the eight major parts of neck and brain management, chest management, abdomen management, buttocks management, back management, waist management, arm management and leg management, which can eliminate subcutaneous fat and visceral fat non-invasively. Improve immunity, improve constipation, cold palace, and prevent cancer



1. Lipid management: improve fatty liver, wealth and obesity people;

2. Endocrine management: regulate endocrine, improve uterine cold and gynecology;

3. Body temperature management: increase the basic body temperature of the human body and regulate acidic physique;

4. Pain management: pain relief, blood lymphatic circulation purification, metabolism;