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Best Painless Laser Hair Removal Machines From Israel for Sale

Certification: CE
Warranty: 3 years
Treatment area:
Output power:
  • BM14
  • Newangietech

Best Painless Laser Hair Removal Machines From Israel for Sale

ipl diode laser hair removalNewangietech IPL Intense pulse light therapy is used for permanent hair removal and wrinkle removals, freckles and aging. The IPL is different with other lasers as it can be used on different wavelengths unlike other laser which work on single wavelengths. The light energy which is targeted changed into heat energy. IPL is a non-invasive treatment which is used all around the globe. The intense pulse light targets the lower layer for the skin without targeting or affecting the upper area of the skin. IPL is mainly use d for permanent Hair Removal. To get the permanent hair removal and the desired results you will need to attend a number of sessions to complete your treatments. Laser Hair Removal has no side effects, apart from a little redness or itchiness. IPL is the most successful technique.ipl diode laser hair removalipl diode laser hair removal

IPL Machine advantages: 

1. Stable pulse energy, not fade away 
2. Icons combined with letters on the screen, more easy for understanding and operating
3. Two fans equiped on the sides for better heat dissipation
4. Inner the back of machine, the lines are neat, the consumables keep on the outside, for easy replacement

ipl diode laser hair removal

Therapeutic Range

1.Hair Removal;
2.Skin Rejuvenation;
3.Vascular and Pigmented Lesions;
5.Skin Tightening and Face Lifting
Note: The treatment of hair removal such as the cheek, lip, beard area, neck, back, chest, armpit, arm, bikini, leg

ipl diode laser hair removalAttention:
1 Use purified water or water without hydrogen, strictly prohibited mineral water
2 Replace water every 2-3 month
ipl diode laser hair removalipl diode laser hair removal