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2020 Newest Body Slimming 360 Multi Cryolipolysis Machine Portable Fat Freeze Machine for Sale

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Technology: Vacuum+Cavitation+ RF+ Cryo
Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Feature: Weight Loss/body slimming
Warranty: 1 year warranty with lifetime maintenance.
  • ETG50-7s
  • newangietech

2020 Newest Body Slimming 360 Multi Cryolipolysis Machine Portable Fat Freeze Machine for Sale

cryolipolysis machinecryolipolysis machinecryolipolysis machinecryolipolysis machinecryolipolysis machine

Main function:

* Body slimming,Reshape body line

* Cellulite removal, double chin

* Localized fat removal

* Skin tightening

* Improve blood circulation

* Combine cryolipolysis, cavitation treatment with RF to enhance slimming effect of beauty equipment

cryolipolysis machine

Cryolipolysis: a new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body that results ina noticeable, advanced-looking fat reduction in the treated areas. As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures, it uses cooling technology to selectively target fat bulgesand eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues,reduce unwanted fat, The contact cooling of the hand piece surface regulates the temperature of the skin and protects fine dermal structures, realizing the fast body-reshape effects while tightening skin!

Cavitation: direct into the fatty layer, speedily vibrate deep-seated cellulite, produce numberless vacuum cavitation, mightily strike the fatty cells, let them produce inner cracking, and dissolve to be the free fatty acid.

Multi-polar RF: uses proprietary technology to create a highly efficient and tightly woven energy matrix.this dense energy matrix penetrates multiple layers of the dermis heating it from the inside out. Complete skin penetration ensures exponentially improved clinical efficacy and products clearly visible results

Lipo laser: utilizes the latest low level/cold laser technology to reduce girth and spot fat over almost all areas of the body without surgery, downtime or redness. A typical 40-minute waistline treatment can reduce an individual by /2 to 3% of an inch while a full protocol of eight treatments usually results in multiple inch loss.

cryolipolysis machine