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Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine

Voltage: 220V/110V
Theory: Cryolipolysis
Function: Slimming,body fat removal
Apply to: Salon,home use
Fat freezing tempreature: -9 °C~5°C
Service: 12 months

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Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine

Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine

Function of portable cryolipolysis machine:

Fat dissolving

Promote tissue metabolism

Repel the cellulite

Tighten the skin

Strengthen the skin elasticity

Body shaping

Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine

How does Cryolipolysis work?

Fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cooling than skin and other surrounding tissues. Fat cells can be safely eliminated without harming the skin. The cryolipolysis controlled cooling causes crystallization of the lipids in the fat cells, leading to damage to the cells and gradual, safe elimination by the body’s normal metabolic processes.

Fat cells are processed similar to how fat from food is naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system. Each treatment results in an average 20 to 25% reduction in the fat layer. This reduction of fat flattens and smoothes the targeted fat bulges.

Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine

Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine


1.Input voltage: AC110V/220V 50-60Hz

2.Power consumption:<500w

3.Screen: 8 inch wide color touch screen

4.Cooling device output temperature: -9-5°C

5.Cooling device output pressure: 0-100KPa

6.Cooling liquid: pure water

7.Default time: 0-120min

8.Relative humidity: ≤80%

9. Atmospheric pressure: 80KPa-106KPa

10. Package Size:65*45*43cm

Freeze Off Fat Burn Machine

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